There’s so much happening with jobs and work at the moment, it’s easy to feel like you’ve been clobbered around the head with a big, wet cod (although I don’t think the pic is of a cod!)

Thousands of people out of work; more redundancies on the way; the economy is shrinking – and so is the radio industry!

It can be overwhelming.

However, none of this is YOUR doing! You cannot control what is happening around you but you can control how it affects you. (Here he goes, being all positive again!)

I don’t apologise for trying to stay upbeat because we can easily get sucked into the black hole of doom and worry!

If you find that your situation has changed: work has dried up; you’re being made redundant or you’ve had your contract terminated early because of a company buy-out, please remember one thing….


There are lots of people in your situation which has not been helped by the flippin’ pesky pandemic.  I was reminded of this when I had a recent ‘wobble’. You can’t take it personally because the wheels of industry are so big; you look like an ant next to one! That’s not to belittle your contribution to whatever you’ve dedicated many, many hours to. But, it’s a fact of corporate life and there are a few things I could recommend you do to minimise the impact of a negative ‘I’m all of a sudden free’ situation.  Well, this is what I’ll try….

  1. Try to go to bed at a decent hour to get plenty of sleep. My granddad used to say, “An hour before midnight is worth two after!”
  2. Get up at the same time every day (Mon to Fri).
  3. Exercise before 9am whether at the gym, home or a run.
  4. Enjoy a healthy breakfast after the workout.
  5. Shower, dress and be ready for 9am – or whatever time – as long as it’s the same time every morning.
  6. Look for work!!
  7. Take a break 2 hours later then carry on!
  8. Light lunch then carry on again!
  9. End the day at 5:30 – or whatever time – as long as it’s the same time every afternoon.

Gosh, I sound preachy!

Apologies if I’m telling you things you already know. I’d hate for your day to be predictable but we intelligent humans respond to structure and some kind of routine. Timetables wouldn’t exist if we didn’t… although sometimes I think train timetables are works of fiction!

If you’d like your brain to have a sense of stability, I believe the ‘working’ day should be fairly stable too, whether you’re in work or not. If you’re looking for a job or having to completely change your career path, you’ll need all your wits about you. It’s not easy.  Sticking to some kind of structure will help to keep you focussed and my ten tips above are merely designed to help streamline your thinking. … and not batter you around the head with a wet fish!

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